Find out what our friends are up to, Where they're playing, and where to buy the records.

We're based in Bristol and there's a nice scene going on. Plenty of bands in the south West playing good music. there are also a few club nights worth finding out about.

Also see the links, for those folks elsewhere in the UK, and those that just live on the Internet.


Fratcave - Stage and Hounds - Old market Bristol.

- Elmer has been putting on gigs for a number of years - He's really grabbing some great bands from around the UK and Europe these days, along with the odd international band - Expect Beat, R&B and, Garage. Friday Nights


Department S - The lanes Bristol.

- John The Mod is an institution himself. He's turned on so many people to the 60's over the years. He's going strong, and always delivers a great local band as well as some national circuit acts. All this alongside his Northern Soul, Freakbeat, R&B, Mod & Psych music DJ sets. Dance till you Drop ! Every Saturday 9- 3am. 


B Side the A Side - Royal Oak Bath

- Joss has been playing cool and groovy music here for a number of years now. Live bands and great thumping slabs of vinyl. Expect the unexpected. The Pub is no slouch when it comes to beer either. Stuff a few down your neck and get dancing.


Fluffy - Royal Oak Bath, First Friday every month.

- Owen has been putting on a wide variety of bands on his Fluffy night. It could be Punk, it could be Surf,Garage, R&B, Avent garde, But always good !


Killing Moon - Various venues Bath and Bristol.

The is run by the Dynamite Pussy Club lads. They don't sleep, and can always be found hot wiring cars, jumping lights, and flicking the V's to Mr Boring. Killing Moon is without doubt their political agenda. Lost Boys indeed !