Rich Edwards - Guitar & Vocals

Rich plays a 1967 Gretsch Tennessean.

He also whollops a Burns Bison, Gibson RD Artist (retired), and Eastwood Vox Phantom Guitars.

These all get shoved through an early 70's Vox AC30

  • First record - Buzzcocks "I don't mind" on 7" & Beatles Red Album on 12" vinyl
  • First Guitar - Spanish Classical (acoustic) & 12 string Shaftesbury Rickenbacker 330 copy (electric)
  • Favourite band - The Damned
  • Favourite Saturday night record - The Nomads "Showdown vol.1" (going out) / Marvin Gaye "Let's get it on" (late night)
  • Favourite Sunday morning music - Early jazz comp. of Fletcher Henderson
  • Best album this year - The Cheaterslicks "Rock'n'Roll graveyard"
  • Who influenced you - Paul Weller, Brian Setzer, Capt. Sensible, The Beatles, early (1960s) Stones, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Thunders, The Clash, Bo Diddley
  • top 5 albums 
  • - Pink Floyd "Piper at the gates of dawn"
    - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers "Beano" album
    - The Dukes of Stratosphear "25 o'clock"
    - Fleshtones vs. Reality
    - Simon & Garfunkel "Wednesday Morning 3AM"
  • Musical guilty pleasure: I don't feel guilty about any of my musical preferences, but I do love dancing to swing and rock'n'roll.

Credits and Without whom...

  • Owen Davies - Wonderful live photographs
  • Glenn Howe - Album Photographs, on a bitterly cold day.
  • Rachel Sutton - Supporting so many bands, still finding time to photograph and Video them !! Super Woman
  • Andy Morton and Jon Mills (Shindig Magazine)
  • All the promoters out there who continue to put on gigs, and have an almost blind faith in what they do... Sterling work
  • Mike & Julie, and all The Deltics regulars -  Many thanks.